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An all electric bike is a two-wheeled bicycle-like personal transport device that has a motor that is powered in part by a rechargeable battery. In some cases pedaling the bike engages the battery (pedal assist bikes) or even recharges it (although that is not always the case). Others have a throttle. Either way, a motor is engaged that helps power the bike faster, or makes hills or upwards grades easier. In cases where you might have dismounted and walked the bike up a hill, you can now cruise; where others passed you, you can now pass them.
Your friends may think of an all electric bike 
as cheating or tell you that if you are not pedaling all the time, what’s the point. They do not get it: An Ebike allows you to bike more often, in more places — and for those who rately bike at all, it creates a compelling, easy reason to do so.


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